private performances
Since 2016
Performing one-on-one with the viewer, or for a strictly limited number of participants. Performance outside the institution — in a forest, sandy quarry, in the kitchen or veranda. Free from the institutional context, the performance environment interacts with the act itself. As a rule, for the artist the spectator is a replaceable but necessary part of the equation, whereas in a private situation they are unique, not one of many. The exchange between the artist, the spectator and the environment takes place on very different terms.

Private Performances in Komarovo village
Private Performances: Пип-шоу
Dacha veranda, Komarovo village

Private Performances: Пип-шоу
Canyon, Tolmachevo village
Photo: Alice Gill

Private Performances: Колизей Кейтеринг
Performative Event on Kievskaya
Photo: Tima Baldin
Private performances: Therapeutical Carnival
Mandatory Carnival against upcoming senility