peep show
Performance series
2017 - ...
The first Peep show performance took place at the Fifth Seventh art fair in St-Petersburg. Having paid 100 rubles for a minute of private dance, the viewer enters into a dark narrow space and sits in a chair, expecting to see a seductive dance of some sort. Each session in the spectator's expectations fails. With lights and music turning on, instead of sexy seduction, they get a gloomy and comical surprise. After 60 seconds, the light goes out again, the security voice prompts the viewer to pay the next minute or leave the room. One minute is usually enough.

The second version of the performance took place outside of the institutional spaces — in the dacha settlements in the Leningrad Region.

The third version happened during an artist talk in the 21 Gallery, dedicated to the ongoing exhibition. At an unexpected moment for the viewer, the discussion is interrupted by the surprising and loud appearance of Dagnini and Salomeya. (Dancing four-legged creature and singing girl).

Roughly dragging all the attention of the audience towards themselves, they move in space and again hide in the secret corner of the gallery. Artist talk resumes, but then is interrupted again. In this case, the peeper is not the spectator looking at the dance, but the one who is dancing. Waiting in ambush, Dagnini and Salomeya burst into space, hide and burst again.

Private performance for the british delegation in Petrushovo village