art prospect
Vl festival of public art in Saint Petersburg
20 - 23.09.2018
Art Prospect
Saint Petersburg
20 - 23.09.2018

Art Prospect brings together arts organizations, artists, curators, and urbanists to challenge standard notions of public space, nationality and culture and demonstrate how artistic and social practices can stimulate community engagement and positive change. Art Prospect facilitates international exchange and collaboration between arts communities through network building, international public art festivals, residencies, workshops, and seminars. The project grew out of CEC ArtsLink's five years of experience conducting St. Petersburg's only annual public art event, the Art Prospect Festival.

Dagnini. Performance on call: the District Catering

The service works on a call.
At the chosen time the District Catering works for visitors and casual passers-by on the street. The menu and entertainment program is adapted for this situation. The artist is always inside the structure - a figure getting out right from the middle of the table serves the willing. The basis of the design remains the same - viewers insert faces and holes in the walls of the structure. Catering can sometimes change its location.

The happening resembles the essence of Peter's Assemblies - ceremonial entertainments of a doubtful character with refreshments and food. It should be remembered that the Petrograd side is the starting point of the city's history. Trivial street fun of our days - stands for a photo with a face in the hole in the role of Peter the Great or other historical persona. Also there is a parallel between the viewer's position and the imprisonment inside the Peter and Paul Fortress, but in a way that is obviously more winning for spectator.

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