cowrie sauna
Object-performance, installation
Cowrie Sauna
"A bathroom is a space for solitude, meditation, eternal thoughts and beauty routine. The intimate atmosphere of the home bathroom is mixed with a mystical and eerie mood. You can listen to the sound of water, stand in the shade, or simply relieve yourself in the proper place. Be careful - the sauna has high humidity and little light..."
Water flows down the performer's face and body covered in a shower curtain made of moulded plastic.
Spectators are free to throw coins into the fountain, as tourists do, wishing to return again to the place of their visit. The objects of domestic life are decorated with embroidered cameos - the originals of old ornaments were often made from shells of cowries. The artist's body disappears with the end of the performance, like a rotten clam, leaving a fossilized shell. It is believed that her mystical power remains long after the death of the mollusk.