coliseum 2.0
District Catering
The second version of the Coliseum took place during public art festival in St. Petersburg.

District Catering works for visitors and passers-by on the street. This time, the artist is inside a mobile structure, as if growing out of the table. The design is improved: there are visors with ventilation above the holes for the face. The principle of interaction remains the same: everyone can use only one hand, forced to help others or ask for help from a neighbor. What is happening inside reminds of the farcical (and, sometimes, violent) Peter's the Great assemblies. Real fruits on the table are mixed with butaffour, some of them are even glued to the table. The spectators take the treats with a rush, but they find themselves imprisoned without having much freedom of movement inside. Visually, the Coliseum resembles a fortress tower.

Private part

Service works on call. The service is available only to residents of the area. You can call the performance catering service to your home, office or any other space within the territory outlined by the festival.