this laugh will end in tears


Each of the 12 choir members is a 'replicant' of Dagnini, created as a performance that she repeated time after time in reality. The multiplied entity is therefore not a carbon copy, but a collection of separate characters with their own imprecise movements and other details. Looking closely, one may, for example, spot a member who has clearly had a bit to drink.
Attention choir's performance is more akin to a series of reactions to an unpredictable musical narrative and sudden appearance of the star's show on stage, rather than a musical number or dance show; to some degree it acts like a choir in an ancient theater, a conduit and means of communication between the audience and the fictional world before them.

The series of video personas is a collage of things buried somewhere deep in the subconscious. Everything from the musical opening credits of Santa Barbara to the odious Soviet Palace of Culture and school assembly hall, artsy street kids and the theme tune of Hollywood's Wizard of Oz, a movie centered around an endless search and a promised land slipping away.

Video was shown as part of an istallation during a group show This Laugh will End in Tears in HSE Gallery.

As part of the public art festival Art Prospect, ATTENTION CHOIR became AR: an ensemble micro-tour under the direction of Dagnini came to the Ivan Gaza House of Culture.

Installation view