20:20. time has stopped
20.10 — 15.11 2020

Curator: Alexander Burenkov

Artists: Artem Go, Dagnini, Vladimir Kartashov, Kirill Makarov, Albina Mokhryakova, Anna Rotaenko, Igor Samolet, Nikita Seleznev, Sofa Skidan, Anna Tagantseva-Kobzeva.


"In her new project, the artist turns to the aesthetics of memes, the flow of which swept everyone in the spring of 2020 becoming a kind of sublimation of quarantine restrictions and overcompensation of pain from self-isolation, as well as the psychological and economic damage caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Dagnini is interested in new principles of self-restraint with the help of which new modes of social interaction change relationships not only with the others (why even meet with friends, if it is much safer to call them via Skype), but also with oneselves. By creating her own meme with a boy playing with a dog from an antique cross-stitching supplemented by the artist with recognizable artifacts of digital culture – inscriptions typed in typical fonts of memes and demotivators, the artist transforms the picture into a meaningful psychoanalytic reflection on establishing a new type of relationship with oneself. The very technique of hand embroidery used by Dagnini refers to the inevitable merging with everyday life and the constant mixing of the real (everyday) with the virtual, due to our constant presence online during quarantine. The meditative process of embroidery, associated with time-waste and some kind of hopelessness, including aesthetic one, has become an important self-reflective practice of the artist that saved her in times of isolation, imprisonment in a situation and, at the same time, inexorable movement in time."
Alexander Burenkov